Short Putting is the
Fastest Way to
Lower Golf Scores Makes You a Short Putt Master

Say goodbye to the yips & shaky knees!
Say hello to real confidence!

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Mastering short putts helps golfers master mid & long putting & chipping

No factor lowers golf scores more than short putting. Yet it remains virtually ignored in golf. busts short putting myths & exposes you to the pro secrets that lead to success.

Short Putt Mastery

Learn the pro secrets & fundamentals that free golfers from fearful short putting beliefs.

Innovative Practise Tools

Use our advanced short putt video course & practice devices to solidify your short putting knowledge & fundamentals.

Short Putting is a Science AND an Art

Learn the secret strategies of short putting & develop the confidence to perform in any situation.

Turn Fear Into Confidence... Into Lower Scores

When the science & art of short putting are well understood, golfers have a distinct advantage. Replace fear with proven short putting insights & fundamentals. Short putt mastery is the fastest way to lower your golf scores.

Short Putt Mastery - Video Course

Learn the complete science & art of short putting, as well as the practice habits that make it happen. Reset your mind & make the golf hole your friend, not your foe.

Begin the journey to become a short putt master today! It’s the only course of its kind!


In the office or on the practice green, PUTT RAMP is your ultimate short putt practice device.

  • Learn why short putts don’t have to be perfect to be successful.
  • Learn proper hole entry strategy for all putt types. 
  • Hit the landing hole (without going over) to practice consistent putt speed. 

Learning can be fun! Use PUTT RAMP to become the master short putter you’ve always dreamed to be.


MONEYBALL is a training system that teaches golfers to maximize their putting performance – in any situation:

  • casual round
  • money game
  • elite championship.

Designed by a professional golfer to prepare you for the emotions, distractions & pressures that loom on the putting green. 

MONEYBALL offers enjoyable putting drills and games that lead to rock-solid putting, even under extreme pressure.  


Starting path is the most important factor for every putt.
PUTT PORT trains golfers to:

  • ensure a consistent starting path for each putt.
  • simplify their singular focus on each putt.
  • bring the visual target for each putt close to the golfer.

PUTT PORT teaches golfers to commit to a simple, consistent putting routine. The result is huge confidence, consistency, and lower scores.

The 3-Minute Stretch

Few golfers feel flexible standing on the first tee. Dr. Terry Zachary realized this in college – and it was costing him in slow starts & valuable strokes.

Dr. Zachary designed The 3-Minute Stretch video course so that golfers (& all patients alike) can easily stretch their full body anywhere, anytime, every day… especially before a round.

Experience the performance & health benefits of convenient full-body stretching using The 3-Minute Stretch.

Learn it once. Enjoy it for Life!
Stretch Anywhere!

Start today!


Order our convenient & popular 3-Pack Set. Includes all training devices for one low price.

3-Pack includes:

  • PUTT Ramp 
  • PUTT Port

Handmaster Plus

Handmaster Plus was designed by Dr. Terry Zachary after seeing dozens of preventable repetitive grip injuries in professional golfers.  Now Handmaster Plus is sold worldwide to train hands in all grip activities. Over 1 million balls already sold… and growing!

Handmaster Plus strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand AND the 9 muscles that open the hand, all in one easy continuous exercise.

Handmaster Plus maximizes your grip strength,  performance & circulation, and reduces your risk of injury/weakness in the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm, & elbow.

The Perfect Plumb Bob Method

This book explains (from start to finish) how to plumb bob properly. Plumb bobbing myths & misunderstandings are broken down & replaced by a clear system that walks golfers step by step through the proper process. 

The result? Golfers learn how to plumb bob efficiently, which leads to accurate green reading, pro-level putt planning & scoring success. 

The Power of Golf - 10th Anniversary Edition

The Power of Golf teaches the 4 key cornerstones of each golf, health & life. Super-star junior golfer Billy Black advances his golf game via the most unique teacher (and lessons) imaginable… from a range picker!

Improve your game & your life drastically. Read this classic story to enjoy the same results! Learn to love the games of golf & life all over again!

The Power of Golf has helped golfers around the world improve their golf game… and their life game!

doczac Golf offers books by Dr. Zachary (The Power of Golf & The Perfect Plumb Bob Method), putting aids (Putt Ramp™, Putt Port™ & MoneyBall™)